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Our Mission

What does Edward Touhy do to help?

The Edward Touhy Guardian Angel Foundation was established to provide necessary resources to economically disadvantaged high-school students attending high school in Chicago, Illinois. These resources help the students build character and self esteem, allowing them to make decisions that will lead to a brighter future.

Our Story

For 20 years, Edward Touhy worked 2-3 jobs to provide his family with essentials as well as a strong high school education. Today, the Touhy family helps Chicago students overcome hardship.

Edward was a humble, kind, gentle person and a role model to his children and grandchildren for how to be a good human being.

In 2009, Edward’s grandson, Patrick Touhy, learned that more than 40 of his fellow classmates at Marist High School would not graduate with him because they could not afford to make their final tuition payments. He returned his scholarship to the school so that some of his classmates might graduate, but the need greatly exceeded his act of generosity. His extended family took up the cause and, with great effort and sacrifice, met the financial needs of each and every one of his 40 classmates.

Edward’s daughter, Mary Kay, and son, Ed, established the Edward Touhy Guardian Angel Foundation to provide a “Guardian Angel” for students who need a little extra help in life, so they may begin their next chapter with a promise of success.

Our Guardian Angels look after students to give them the support system they need to succeed, and ultimately make the right choices in life.

The Edward Touhy Guardian Angel Foundation was established with one primary goal: to assist students affected by adversity by giving them both emotional encouragement and an equal chance as their peers to continue on to higher education. We make sure they know that although things may be hard now, people are rooting for them to succeed.

Through family hardship and financial difficulties, our Angels are there to help by providing school related gifts to students in need.

Along with grants, the Foundation provides gifts in kind to families with children who attend high school. These gifts may include school uniforms, books, school supplies, food donations, housing and gift cards for clothing and groceries. The driving force behind such grants and donations is the recognition of need demonstrated by students and their families who have experienced an unforeseen hardship, such the death of a parent, loss of employment or a family illness.

With the help of our scholarship grants and gifts, students earn their wings, allowing them to walk across that stage and enter into the next chapter of their education.


Because of YOU and your generosity, our Guardian Angels have made life a little bit brighter for the greater Chicagoland area.

Your financial support and help has made a significant difference in the lives of many. A big thank you goes out from them to you! As you know, the Edward Touhy Guardian Angel Foundation came about in recognition of the growing need for help in the community caused by the recent economic dislocations. Between lost jobs, dashed careers and personal family tragedies, many hard working students found their dreams turning into nightmares. With your help, we are working to make positive changes for those in need.

2012-2016 Success

Happy Familes

We provided housing, furniture, and legal assistance to 100+ families in need.

150 Grads!

We aided 150 High School Seniors needing financial help to graduate.

Secure Jobs

We assisted 81 needy people in finding necessary employment.

Food for Thought

We provided nearly 1,200 families with holiday grocery bags and grocery gift cards during 2012 and 2013.

Fit for a Princess

We played fairy godmother to 100+ young women, turning their prom dreams into lifetime memories.

Reading notes of appreciation from the people we have helped always makes us smile. We hope you enjoy them too!

I can't thank the Edward Touhy Foundation enough for the surprise this morning! After you left, I called the woman who organizes our Giving Tree down at the office and I think she had tears in her eyes. She is making arrangements to get the bags to the families over Christmas break. It is a simply incredible gift by the Foundation.
—Tom Ramsden, Director of Institutional Advancement

Dear Mr. Touhy,
Thank you and the Guardian Angel Foundation for the ten Christmas baskets you provided to St. Laurence High School. Ten of our neediest families had a Christmas that was just a little bit brighter because of your generosity. We deeply appreciate your assistance and wish you continued success in the vital ministry you provide. —Anne Tucker, Director of Development

Get Involved

Between work and family, life is busy! But we have a variety of exciting opportunities for when you have extra time. We want you!


Corporate and Organization Opportunities

The Edward Touhy Guardian Angel Foundation works with your company to customize a partnership that contributes to your philanthropic goals and reflects your corporate culture. As always, one hundred percent of your company’s contribution to the foundation will go directly to the programs improving the lives of high school students in need.

There are several ways to get your company involved with our foundation such as donating gifts or services, matching your employees’ contributions or sponsoring an event. Whatever you choose, we know you’ll be proud of your investment.


Special Events

The Edward Touhy Guardian Angel Foundation always has a fun and exciting way for you to get involved. No matter your taste, we have a way for you to meet other individuals who care about the students and schools we serve as much as you do.

See our Events section for details about what we offer!

Lacrosse Legends Tournament 2017 winners, Marist High School.

Schools, Families and Individuals

Guardian Angel Clubs

Students form clubs to learn about poverty issues and raise awareness as well as sponsor fundraising events. This is a great way for families, teens and young adults who are interested in our mission to get their schools involved.

PYT (Philanthropic Young Things)

PYT is aimed at engaging the next generation of college and high school students in poverty fighting and mentoring. PYTs can make a tangible difference in a high school student’s life, gathering frequently for volunteer opportunities, sharing ideas through social events, fundraising and more.

You can also give to the Edward Touhy Guardian Angel Foundation throughout the year. Think of us during your family’s special occasions (weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, birthdays and other milestones). Consider requesting donations in lieu of gifts or donating to the foundation in lieu of party favors.


Get in the Edward Touhy know! There is always a way to give back while having fun with the organization and others who care.

Hunger Never Takes a Holiday

Did you know one in six people are food insecure...meaning they are not sure about their next meal? Food insecurity not only affects a child and his or her family, but is a problem that impacts a child’s health, education and job readiness.

Seeing these needs, we have banded together to support these needy but otherwise hard-working families through the Edward Touhy Guardian Angel Foundation Annual food drive. Essential, nutritious, non-perishable food items as well as grocery store gift cards are donated to students and their families. We have provided groceries to nearly 1,200 families since 2011!

Adopt a student and their family this Thanksgiving! Contact info@edtouhyguardianangel.org on how YOU can provide a Thanksgiving dinner to a struggling family. Please share your good fortune with others less fortunate Thanksgiving 2016.

Senior PROMise

Help Wanted: Fairy Godmothers!
Be a Fairy Godmother and Donate!

The Edward Touhy Guardian Angel Foundation’s annual SENIOR PROMise provides formal wear to women who could not otherwise afford to attend their senior prom.

On January 23, 2016, Mother McAuley and Marist High School senior girls turned into Cinderella for an afternoon. The students browsed the racks of gorgeous gowns looking for the perfect dress for their senior prom. The look on a student's face was priceless when they said yes to their prom dress.

Read about our success with Senior PROMise:

Chicago Tribune
The Beverley Review

To find out more about Senior PROMise and how to become a fairy godmother, please contact info@guardianangel.com.

Annual Summer Bash

Come join us on a warm summer’s evening under the stars, mingling with new people. Enjoy libations cocktails, tasty nibbles and titillating conversation for a great cause. Hear stories first hand from educators and students on how the Edward Touhy Guardian Angel Foundation has made an impact on a student’s life and helped them fulfill their dreams of a higher education.

Lacrosse Legends

On Saturday, April 29, 2017, the 5th Annual Edward Touhy Guardian Angel Foundation's Lacrosse Legends Cup was held between Brother Rice and Marist. It was a hard fought game in the cold and rain but Marist prevailed to hang on to the Legends Cup two years straight. Final score Marist 11 Brother Rice 7. Stay tuned to find out if Marist will continue their reign in 2018!

Wear Your Wings

Our Angel merchandise can help high school students realize their dreams. You can earn your wings and wear them with pride!

with a $100+ donation

The Edward Touhy Guardian Angel t-shirt is 100% white cotton with the green angel wing logo on the front.

Angel t-shirts come in:
S, M, L, XL & XXL

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with a $1,000+ donation

Your $1,000+ donation package includes an Edward Touhy t-shirt, hat and mug, and two packs of M&M's®.

Angel t-shirts come in:
S, M, L, XL & XXL

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